The Worst Day Ever

Crawling up to my computer in between throw ups to type this one, bare with me guys. So yeah, quite the opener. I’m hurling about 30 minutes. Why? Food poisoning. Cause? Chicken wings. 🙁 Why must I be forced to periodically hate the one I love so dearly and why must it hurt so much both literally and figuratively!?

I’m quite certain the wings were the cause of my demise this time. It was the only source of calories I had for the entire day yesterday. The Ms. got me 200 wings to congratulate me on my job promotion. Safe to say the left-overs has been all I’ve been eating since.

So we know what caused it, but I am still unsure how. Was it under cooked at the restaurant? Or, was the fact that they were a little over a week old the root cause? A criminal investigation team has been given the case and I am anxiously awaiting the results.

I do not believe however, that this will be one of those scenarios that causes me to forever hate chicken wings. Everyone has had that one food that they’ve gotten sick off of and they can never eat again. For me, that is actually Cookie Crisp, which never really tasted like chocolate chip cookies anyways. I knew immediately from the moment I up-chucked that onto the basketball floor that I was not going to be having that cereal ever again. Chicken wings are my one true love. This isn’t the first nor the last time chicken wings and I will argue. We’ll make up in about a week or so over dinner.