I Miss Hooters

It’s true, I really do. I am actually a very big fan of the wings at Hooters. I know what you’re all thinking, “OH HE JUST GOES FOR THE GIRLS MAN!” Well believe what you want, but I’d eat those wings if they were being served by old ladies wearing the same outfits. When made well, Hooters wings are among my favorite. They are very buttery, have a real nice skin and are tender on the inside. Be warned though, mild and medium are basically like butter with some spices. In order to get a true buffalo wing, you need to go hot and up.

Hooters brings back some great memories for myself. Every Wednesday my buddies and I would drive about 30 minutes to the nearest Hooters for all you can eat days. $11.99 and open up for all you can take down. My most ever was 50 traditional, then the meat sweats started rolling in and I figured I should call it a night. We also had this discount card we got from my football teams fundraiser that said “Buy any amount of boneless wings and get the same amount free!” We don’t know who the hell signed off on that deal, but boy are we glad they did. We’d go in there with about 6 of us and order 75 and end up with 150 flippin’ wings. We’d show the waitresses the card and more than the half the time the manage had to come out to confirm it was legit. Safe to say the next year that deal wasn’t on the cards. 2009 will go down as one of the best years of my life. Well, besides me running into that fence while being chased by a peacock. Seriously man, they used to let them things roam free at a zoo I went to and they are perhaps scarier than lions when they screech and chase you.

Sadly, I just don’t live near a Hooters. The closest is over an hour away and I just never seem to run into them when I’m traveling. Well, there are two kind of people in this world. People that watch sh*t happen, and people that make sh*t happen. I’ll see ya soon, Hooters. And no, I won’t be hiding my own my ranch in my pocket psh what are you talking about when have I ever done that?