Dry or Sauce Rubs?

The debate continues, is a hot wing better with sauce or dry spices? I’ll just end the debate right here and say sauce. Now, before we freak out, there are some excellent hot wings I’ve had with dry rubs, but can anything really beat a great buffalo sauce? I like my things wet and saucy. I’m that hated guy at Hooters that goes, “Yeah uh, let me get the all you can eat hot, extra wet.” I also like mixing my sauces. For example, ranch and bleu cheese are more than welcome to the party. You could really throw me any kind of dipping sauce and I’ll be cool with it. Like really though, I’ve tried peanut butter. (Not bad)… So yeah, I am most definitely a sauce guy, but dry spices have their place in this mouth too. Shockingly, my favorite dry hot wing comes from…. drum roll…. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Wanna know something even crazier? I’ve even turned down hot wings for their barbeque wings too! I first ordered their hot wings thinking they would be saucy. To my dismay when I opened the box inside my dad’s car, dry as the Sahara. After a quick complaint to my dad, I started eating them anyways because well, it’s still a form of fried chicken. That would be like my friend offering me a free Miller Lite and me saying, “Nah man, I think I’m going to run to the liquor store and grab a bud light.” The drummy heads into my mouth and I am pleasantly surprised that this puppy has got some flavor to it. It is very deceiving, tough to tell the difference between this wing and a plain one, but somehow, the Colonel pulled it off. Now, these wings do cost just as much as ones you will find at your sit down restaurant, so there’s that. But, I must say that for fast food, KFC can wing it. This turned into a KFC post quickly, whoops. Back to the main point; sauce is the boss, spice is still nice.