Bone in or Bone out

Perhaps the biggest debate in the wing world, bone in or boneless? Both have their advantages and drawbacks, shall we discuss? We shall.

First we’ll begin with the bone in. Advantage number 1, it’s how a chicken wing is supposed to be! That’s why it is often times called traditional instead of bone in. In fact, for the rest of this article that is how we are going to refer to this beauty, traditional. You can never go wrong with the classic, old school, original, OG, you get my point. Now, in my opinion since this is my blog, traditional taste better. The skin is doesn’t get over crisped and hard like it can on a boneless wing, and the meat is often times more juicy and tender. The experience of eating with your hands also heightens the wings in my opinion.

So if traditional wings taste better, why would you ever opt for boneless? Well, if you ever take a girl on a date to a place that serves chicken wings, which I very often have, then bone in is the way to go. You sacrifice a little in order to not look like a complete slob in front of your date. Believe me, when I eat traditional wings I get full enjoyment out of it. There is no holding back. I’m slurping, chomping, licking my fingers, the whole nine. Not a single trace of chicken is left on that bone. So, as you could see, this probably would not make the best first impression if I seem more attracted to my wings than the girl sitting across from me. Now if we’ve been on a few dates, then I may venture to show her the real me. But, at least on the first one, order the bone in, pick up a fork, and be somewhat civilized. Remember, you can always order some traditional wings to go if you must!